How to list all Power Automate flows in all environments

Web app to list all microsoft power automate flows on all environments Vide of app to list all microsoft power automate flows on all environments

Microsoft Power Automate flows are a great tool for automation, REST API connections, speeding up administrative processes and removing repetitive tasks. As such, a lot of organizations end up with a lot of flows making it hard to search for the right one or browse through users flows.

How to search flows by name, triggers or actions

A lot of Microsoft Power Automate users have several flows spread through multiple environments and those flows have Http triggers or call Http actions. Microsoft doesn't provide a way to find flows based on the content, which means, users have to go to each environment and open each flow to find the one they want.

The web app we developed allows you to access all your flows and search them by multiple fields: status, triggers kind, Http triggers endpoints, name and Http Requests endpoints.

I'm an admin and would like to browse all flows

If you are an admin, and you'd like to view all flows the easiest way is through the power platform admin site.

  • Access the power platform admin site
  • On the left sub menu click Environments
    microsoft power platform environments
  • Select an environment you'd like to view the flows
  • On the right side under resources click Flows
    open environment microsoft power automate flows
  • A list of the environment's flows is shown
    list all flows inside environment power automate