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How does it work ?

  • The license optimizer finds the best license combination for your requirements.
  • If you like the final price, we'll reach out to authorized license suppliers and request an offer.
  • Your details won't be shared with license suppliers until you decide to accept an offer.

Why choose Microsoft 365

Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

It's hard to find a better option than Excel to handle data or PowerPoint together with Teams for online presentation

Easy and reliable email.

Don't worry with configuring email servers, SPAM filters or email storage/backups. Ready to go out of the box.

Instant support for hybrid work. 

With Microsoft Teams , users are able to easily connect with their colleagues in virtual meetings with up to 100 participants.

Storage with OneDrive. 

Even with basic Microsoft 365 licenses users have up to 1TB of storage.

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For each option tell us how many users you need and we'll select the right licenses with the best price.