About US

We've been working with Microsoft 365 ( previously known as Office 365) for a long time.

We found big discrepancies between online prices and the prices provided by license suppliers.

By approaching several license suppliers and optimizing the required licenses we are able to decrease Microsoft 365 costs.
We don't sell the Microsoft 365 licenses, we help you find the best license configuration and the best supplier.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, please Contact Us at support@betterlicenses.com .

How We Do It ?

  • Our Microsoft 365 license optimization tool gathers the number of users and features needed.
  • Our tool selects the minimum required licenses to achieve the desired users/features combinations.
  • If the user finds the license price competitive, we'll negotiate with our suppliers networks.
  • The user will receive an official license proposal from the selected Microsoft 365 license provider.
  • Besides the license configuration, we don't share any other information with suppliers until you accept an offer and authorize us to do so.

We also provide other Tools

With the upcoming disabling of Basic Authentication on Microsoft 365 tenant we've built a tool to help administrator to find which devices are still using these legacy protocols .

Try the Web App on our Basic Authentication tool.