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How our Web App to find Basic Authentication works. The details on the tool to help you find and fix legacy clients

We answer the questions: How can I easily find all the devices still on basic auth, how can I move them to Modern Authentication and how do I know if new legacy clients have connected to my tenant.

15 September 2022

How to successfully disable basic authentication on Microsoft 365 before end of life support

Microsoft will disable Basic Authentication on October 2022, so we've made details instructions on how to prevent an issues with your tenant users.

01 September 2022

How to list the clients access ip on Azure Web App running Linux ?

How to list by number of accesses the clients ip using Azure Web App running Linux

27 August 2022

How to lower your Microsoft 365 license costs

A few useful tricks on how to lower your Microsoft 365 costs by optimizing your licenses based on the features users need

01 August 2022

Microsoft is already disabling basic authentication protocols or how to fix "Why my iPhone keeps asking password for exchange"

Find if disabled basic authentications is causing iPhone/iPad users getting "wrong password" errors.

19 July 2022

How to migrate Basic Authentication devices/users to Modern Authentication

A quick guide on how to migrate your basic authenticated devices into modern authentication. Upgrade client legacy connections to prevent issues when they are disconnected.

15 June 2022

How to move files from Teams to OneDrive and still make them available to the members inside the Teams App

How to decrease Teams site space by moving files to OneDrive and making it available inside the Teams app to all members.

11 May 2022

Sharepoint storage quota problem, how to prevent it and how to fix it

Sharepoint Storage quota can be a costly issue for an organization. We've come up with a few guidelines on how to prevent reaching the limit and how to fix it.

09 May 2022

How to setup Self-Service password reset in Microsoft 365

How to show users the "Forgot my password" option on Microsoft 365 login page.

03 May 2022

Information Rights Management, protect your files even if a user leaves.

Make sure your data is protected and only accessible to the right users, even if it's copied to external storage.

01 May 2022

With the Microsoft 365 price increase, is Google Workspace a better option?

With prices increased, which one is better, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace ?

20 April 2022

Using Office Scripts in Excel Online for stock management

How to use office scripts in Excel Online to build a stock managing tool

03 April 2022

Decreasing online phishing threat and handling lost credentials

Exchange online is great but with it comes the risk of email phishing and compromised credentials. There are a few steps we can do to prevent that.

02 February 2022

License requirements for Azure AD Join

What is the cheapest required license for a device to be able to Join Azure AD ?

30 January 2022

How to export Microsoft Forms Answers to PowerBI

How to export your Microsoft Form Answers to Power BI with a simple Power Automate Flow

26 January 2022